School Night Vegan

Richard is a food stylist, recipe developer, and food editor who has been exploring the world of plant-based cuisine since November 2017, when he made the switch from lifelong vegetarian to full-time vegan. With his extensive knowledge about all things vegan cooking, baking, and eating, Richard is available to help with any vegan project in need of his services, including menu consultancy, recipe development, food styling, and food photography.

Before delving into the world of vegan cooking, Richard worked in street food and ran London’s first artisan ice cream sandwich van, which kept him busy on weekends and led him to start cooking vegan meals on school nights. As a self-proclaimed long-time foodie with excellent cooking skills, he embraced the challenge of retraining himself to cook without animal products and found it to be a surprisingly rewarding learning curve.

Through his website, School Night Vegan, Richard documents the meals he makes and the lessons he learns, sharing his passion for animal-free dishes with his readers. He hopes to inspire and educate others about the joys of plant-based cuisine.