Eat Yourself Skinny

Kelly is a recipe developer, fitness enthusiast, and photography enthusiast who has a passion for creating new and delicious recipes, styling food, shopping for fun dishes, and eating all kinds of food. She is also a confessed chocolate addict who dreams of writing her own cookbook someday. In 2011, Kelly started making new recipes every week, and she decided to keep an online account of these recipes and photos while also sticking to a healthy lifestyle. She has learned a lot throughout her journey, and things have changed significantly since the beginning of her blog.

Although she still enjoys sweets from time to time, Kelly has never felt better than when she's eating completely organic, non-processed healthy foods. By testing recipes and adopting a clean healthy lifestyle, she has essentially learned that the number of ingredients is not as important as the quality of those ingredients. Kelly continues to share her passion for healthy eating and recipe development through her blog, where she inspires her readers to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle.