The Real Food Geek

Cheryl, also known as The Real Food Geek, is a recipe developer and Certified Culinary Medicine Coach. She shares healthy and delicious recipes, focusing on real whole foods. After struggling with weight and unsuccessful diets, Cheryl decided to return to basics and recreate healthier versions of her favorite meals. She believes that healthy eating can be flavorful, affordable, and easy to prepare. Cheryl's goal is to inspire a balanced and delicious approach to food.

The Real Food Geek emphasizes the importance of incorporating minimally processed, nutrient-rich foods into meals. Cheryl limits highly processed foods that are often loaded with unhealthy ingredients. However, she promotes balance rather than strict elimination. Cheryl's interest in nutrition led her to pursue culinary medicine, enabling her to use food as a form of medicine in promoting health.

While Cheryl's personal story includes her weight loss journey, The Real Food Geek is not solely focused on weight loss. The blog aims to provide healthy, affordable, and simple recipes using real food ingredients. Cheryl acknowledges that individual health needs vary and does not label recipes as specifically suitable for weight loss or addressing specific health complaints. The blog offers a variety of recipes and also provides options for different dietary requirements, such as dairy-free, gluten-free, keto, no added sugar, vegan, and vegetarian.