This is the place where Paula (or PMc for short) shares her love for cooking, baking, entertaining, running, and gardening. As a Southern gal based in Tupelo, Mississippi, Paula started this blog to share her delicious recipes with friends. Her focus is on creating flavorful dishes that are easy to prepare. A true cookbook enthusiast, Paula has been collecting recipes since her teenage years and finds joy in reading cookbooks like novels.

While Paula's first experience in the kitchen was baking at the young age of eight, she later expanded her culinary skills to savory cooking during her college years. However, her true passion remains in baking and desserts. Paula's love for running is another aspect of her life that brings her immense joy. She describes herself as impatient, sarcastic, and a lover of exclamation points. Despite initially resisting the idea, she now adores her dog, who joined the family after a decade of holding out.

On her blog, Paula believes in embracing a balanced approach to eating, enjoying rich and decadent desserts alongside healthier and lighter fare. She appreciates classic recipes that evoke nostalgic memories while also finding pleasure in putting a new and unique twist on them. Whether a person is looking for a comforting favorite or a creative update, Paula has a variety of recipes to satisfy his cravings.