Beth, a resident of a small town near St. Louis, Missouri, shares her love for cooking and wholesome meals on her blog. Living in a peaceful subdivision surrounded by nature, Beth and her high school sweetheart-turned-husband made the decision years ago to embrace a slower-paced lifestyle away from the city. They cherish their spacious lots and beautiful trees, enjoying the unique charm of each home in the neighborhood.

From her childhood, Beth developed a passion for cooking, nurtured by her mother's guidance in making delicious treats. As her own family grew, Beth's desire to provide nourishing meals for her loved ones deepened. She takes pride in cooking wholesome dishes and prioritizes using whole foods rather than heavily processed alternatives. While her recipes may involve a few extra steps, she believes in the value of consuming natural ingredients from nature itself.

In addition to her love for cooking, Beth and her husband delight in hosting gatherings for friends and family. Her blog features a variety of party appetizers, cocktails, and desserts, with a special focus on holiday celebrations. Beth's dedication to using whole, unprocessed ingredients ensures that the food she serves brings joy and nourishment to those gathered around the table.