Susie is a former teacher who holds a Master's in Early Childhood Education and is a mother to three children. Her goal is to reintroduce hands-on play and learning into childhood and offer support to parents, caregivers, and educators through this blog.

While struggling to find her footing as a parent of two-under-two, Susie had a moment of chaos when she accidentally dropped her phone into a container of dirty dishwater. In an attempt to salvage her phone, she put it in a container of dry rice, which inadvertently led her to create her first sensory bin. Susie began to see the value in activities like this one, which could help reset her day and provide a chance for play while still allowing her to take a break. With time, she turned Busy Toddler into an online space that advocates for appropriate early childhood education and no-fuss, guilt-free parenting.

Through this blog, Susie supports parents and caregivers as they navigate the challenges of raising and teaching young children. Today's world places immense pressure on children to grow and develop quickly, which makes parenting all the more difficult. Susie recognizes that it takes a village to raise children, and she is proud to be part of that village as a resource for parents and caregivers.