Sudachi Recipes

This site is created by Yuto, a passionate home cook with a love for Japanese cuisine. Yuto's goal is to make authentic and trendy Japanese food more accessible to a global audience by using locally available ingredients.

Having spent considerable time in England, Yuto's desire to share his knowledge of Japanese cooking sparked from his own experience in adapting recipes to suit local ingredients. Sudachi Recipes offers a collection of recipes ranging from quick and easy dishes to more involved "from scratch" creations, all presented through video tutorials.

What sets Sudachi Recipes apart is Yuto's inclination to infuse his recipes with unique twists and fusions, encouraging experimentation and improvisation in the kitchen. The name "Sudachi" was chosen to symbolize this approach, as it represents a rare and special ingredient in Japanese cuisine, typically reserved for upscale or delicate dishes.

Although Yuto doesn't have formal culinary training, his diverse background in the food industry, including work in Spanish and Thai restaurants, as well as various bars and pubs, has honed his culinary skills and expertise. Sudachi Recipes aims to strike a balance between offering recipes that are too common and mundane and those that are overly complex, ensuring that home cooks can recreate extraordinary Japanese dishes with ease and confidence.