Healthy Happy Life

Kathy is a content creator, artist, and author, who shares her passion for recipes, writing, photography, travel, wellness, film/TV/music, and connection through her personal blog. With a background in nutrition and health promotion, Kathy centers her core content around wellness and plant-based food, using storytelling and conversation via her lived experiences to engage with her audience. Her journey into blogging and content creation started in 2007 when she relocated to New York City with her husband and found herself immersed in the vast culinary scene and abundance of vegan restaurants, trends, and communities.

Starting with writing about hot topics in the media Kathy discovered that it was her plant-based recipes that resonated with her readers the most. This realization led her to spend countless hours in her tiny NYC kitchen, experimenting with ingredients and developing recipes. She taught herself food photography and joined Twitter in 2008, eventually turning her focus to cooking and sharing her favorite plant-based recipes. Apart from her photography work, Kathy is also a talented painter, using her hobby to create abstract oils or acrylics with colors that evoke joy and energy.