Simple Vegan Blog

Losune, along with her husband Alberto, is the founder of Simple Vegan Blog which they started back in 2014. Alberto, in addition to being the blog's photographer, also handles its technical aspects. On the other hand, Iosune is responsible for creating recipes, writing blog posts, cooking, and managing their social media accounts.

Losune feels happy and grateful to be able to pursue her passion of creating and sharing delicious vegan recipes with her readers while earning a living. Apart from her love for cooking, Iosune is also passionate about traveling and spends her free time either traveling or planning her next trip. She has been experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen her whole life and since turning vegan in 2014, she has learned to organize all kinds of recipes without compromising on the taste. Additionally, in 2016, she obtained a certification as a health coach from IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and has also attended various cooking classes around the world.