Casually Peckish

Gen is behind this delightful hub for awesome home cooking. This blog is dedicated to sharing mouthwatering recipes that are not only budget-friendly but also quick and easy to prepare. Within these pages, readers will find a perfect balance between wholesome and nourishing options, as well as the occasional indulgence.

In this vast and awe-inspiring world, there exist countless sources of joy and inspiration. Whether it's embarking on adventures to new destinations, dedicating time to fitness at the gym, immersing oneself in the wisdom of inspirational books, or even getting lost in the rhythm of empowering songs, Gen's passions are diverse and vibrant. However, when it comes to experiencing pure exhilaration and deep fulfillment, nothing quite compares to Gen's profound love for food and the art of cooking. For Gen, culinary endeavors have always served as a creative outlet, allowing for self-expression while bringing immeasurable happiness to those who partake.

One of Gen's earliest and most cherished memories takes them back to their childhood, when they would observe their talented grandmother effortlessly crafting culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. The image of accompanying their grandmother to the local farmers markets during the early morning hours, with a gentle mist enveloping the surroundings, remains etched in their mind. Even at the tender age of five or six, Gen was captivated by their grandmother's remarkable skills. Witnessing the joy and warmth her cooking brought to their family, Gen felt an unwavering inspiration to follow in her footsteps and share that same sense of delight with others.

Through this blog, Gen aspires to guide and inspire readers, sharing the incredible magic that lies within combining humble ingredients to create dishes that tantalize the taste buds and awaken the senses. Together, let us embark on this culinary journey, celebrating the wonders that can be achieved with simple ingredients, a dash of passion, and a genuine desire to bring happiness and satisfaction to every meal.