Dad and Buried

This is a blog that caters to parents who adore their children but struggle with the demands of parenting. The blog is designed to provide links, photos, memes, videos, and status updates that offer a humorous take on parenting and help parents navigate the pressures associated with raising kids.

In a bid to extend the reach of his content, the creator of the blog, Mike, has launched the ‘Dad and Buried’ podcast. The podcast promises to be an extension of the blog where Mike shares his thoughts and experiences about parenting in an audio format. He describes the podcast as a platform where he can express his parenting frustrations, albeit with more verbal intensity than his blog.

In addition, the blog serves as a documentation of his growth as a father and his journey towards becoming an expert parent, with what he jokingly refers to as the world's first and only "perfect children." This blog may feature pictures and videos, but Mike assures his readers that he does not judge other parents and their parenting styles.