Sweet Potato Soul

The owner of the Sweet Potato Soul website is a Georgia Peach currently living in Los Angeles, having previously resided in New York City. She is a professional vegan chef, blogger, and YouTuber with a great passion for sweet potatoes, travel, animals, and cooking. The website is home to hundreds of easy-to-make and delightful vegan recipes, as well as cooking videos and healthy eating tips.

In addition to vegan recipes, she shares information on ethical fashion, natural beauty, and other topics to inspire a compassionate lifestyle. All of the recipes on her YouTube channel can be found on her blog, along with appetizing food photography.

Although food was a major focus in Georgia’s household growing up, her family did not prioritize healthy eating, and she disliked most fruits and vegetables. She decided to become a vegan due to her belief that it is wrong to exploit animals for their meat and reproductive processes. Although her decision was not motivated by her health or happiness, she has experienced significant improvements in both since making the transition to a vegan lifestyle.