Linda, a professional blogger and stay-at-home mum, resides in the Vale of Glamorgan with her husband Mathew, daughter Caitlin and son Leuan. She left her job in Legal Services Marketing in 2007 to focus on raising her children. Linda's blog covers a wide range of parenting topics, with a focus on her experience as a late bloomer who had a baby at 40 and is now caring for both her growing children and aging parents.

Her blog also addresses various health issues, both physical and mental, including Tinnitus, which she herself experiences. Linda advocates for better stress and anxiety management and highlights the benefits of spending quality time as a family at local beauty spots. Food and cooking are important aspects of her life, as she balances her love for cooking with frequent trips to local family restaurants and efforts to encourage her son to eat his vegetables. She has a passion for beauty and fashion, always seeking budget-friendly products that deliver results, and shares her love for exploring the UK and Devon, where both her parents were born. Linda runs regular giveaways for her readers, drawing on her prior experience as an avid competitor. She also writes a weekly problem page where she provides advice on relationships, health, and parenting.

Linda is also a highly experienced marketer with over 25 years of experience and currently operates as a freelance writer and blogger. She has a passion for fashion, beauty, food, travel, and culture and often writes about health and relationships.