Just Gimme Fries

Shannah, a passionate 32-year-old food lover residing in Hilversum, the Netherlands, warmly introduces herself. Driven by her love for food, photography, and marketing, she embarked on the journey of creating this blog as a personal passion project. Cooking and eating have always been integral parts of Shannah's life, with fond memories of her early culinary adventures, such as frying eggs in the kitchen as a young girl, standing on a chair to reach the stove. While she has grown since then, her enthusiasm for preparing homemade meals remains unchanged.

Shannah's culinary interests lie in exploring new dishes and embracing bold flavors. She finds great excitement in traveling and discovering unfamiliar foods and unique flavor combinations. With a professional background in photography and online marketing, she leverages her expertise and combines it with her creative vision as a food blogger.

When it comes to her personal food choices, Shannah prefers tasty meals made with fresh ingredients and does not advocate for restrictive diets. She firmly believes that maintaining a varied diet without eliminating carbohydrates or natural fats leads to a healthy and contented body and mind. Consequently, she opts not to include calorie counts in her recipes, as she believes it is important to listen to one's body. Each individual's body has its own specific requirements and preferences, particularly regarding allergies and sensitivities, making a ""one-size-fits-all"" approach impractical. Shannah encourages her readers to trust their instincts and choose what brings them joy and well-being.

Due to her own allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Shannah deliberately excludes certain ingredients from her recipes. She personally taste-tests all of her creations, ensuring that she can enjoy them herself. Looking ahead, Shannah plans to develop recipes that specifically cater to individuals with low histamine intolerance and IBS, with the aim of supporting and assisting fellow food enthusiasts who face similar challenges.