Rona is a dedicated practitioner of yoga, meditation, and tantra who is committed to helping others find more ease and joy in their lives through these practices. Her journey began when she realized that running was no longer serving her body in the way that it used to, and she was looking for a new way to stay fit without putting too much stress on her body. That's when she discovered yoga and began practicing on her own.

Over time, Rona's practice grew, and she became more interested in the mind and body awareness that yoga and meditation can bring. She started attending studios but found them to be expensive, which inspired her to find more affordable and accessible ways to share these practices with others.

As Rona delved deeper into meditation, she discovered that it's not always easy to sit still with our thoughts and do nothing at all. However, she believes that with the right guidance and approach, anyone can build a meditation practice with ease. And as she continues to explore the teachings of tantra, she is excited to share what she learns about the connections between sexuality, spirituality, and love, and how they can help us cultivate deeper awareness and presence in our lives.