Angela created a blog in 2014 to help fellow stay-at-home moms who were feeling uninspired and jaded, just like she was. As a former professor of writing, Angela's artistic soul craved a creative outlet, and being home all day with the kids made things difficult. However, her situation was unique because her daughter Elise began showing signs of developmental delay at the age of one, making finding reliable outside childcare impossible.

Despite the challenges, Angela discovered that her unforeseen turn of events was a blessing in disguise, leading her to become a full-time six-figure content creator and influencer. She offers one-on-one coaching calls to help others do what she does, covering topics such as overcoming mental blocks, content creation tips, starting a blog, social media audit, setting rates and negotiation best practices, and more.

As someone who has been through the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom with a child with special needs, Angela is passionate about helping others find their creative spark and reach their potential. With her wealth of experience and knowledge, Angela provides valuable insights and advice to aspiring content creators and influencers looking to turn their passion into a full-time career.