Haley Nelson, a food blogger based in St. Paul, has advised against haphazard grocery shopping amidst rising food prices. Haley has always had a passion for cooking and aims to showcase that cooking on a budget does not necessarily mean compromising on taste. She emphasizes that one can eat well without breaking the bank and is dedicated to posting recipes that are not only cheap but also creative and delicious.

Apart from her love for cooking, Haley is a seasoned bargain hunter who is always on the lookout for innovative ways to save money. She understands that using more ingredients could potentially lead to higher expenses and more trips to the grocery store. Therefore, most of her recipes are adaptable, and she provides lower-cost substitutes or suggests leaving out some ingredients altogether to reduce the cost. Haley finds solace in cooking, and she believes that chopping, mixing, and ultimately relishing the fruits of her labor in the kitchen is an excellent stress-reliever for her.