The Cagle Diaries

Melanie is a British transplant living in the heart of Louisiana's deep south. While navigating her new surroundings and raising her two children, Melanie discovered the essence of life in Louisiana: good food and, more importantly, great food. Immersing herself in the local culinary traditions, she mastered the art of making the perfect roux, discovered the significance of the Holy Trinity in dishes, and embraced the versatility of Creole Seasoning.

Understanding the challenges of adapting to Cajun cuisine for those not native to the region, Melanie decided to share her knowledge and experiences on her blog, The Cagle Diaries. Through step-by-step tutorials, she invites readers to join her on a culinary journey, providing southern and Cajun-inspired recipes that guarantee exceptional results every time. Melanie's own love for cooking, honed through her global travels and experiences living in different countries, fuels her passion for sharing her discoveries with others.

Melanie's path to blogging began during her career as an expat in the oil industry, where she met her husband James. Together, they built a successful business in Calibration, which unfortunately suffered due to the fall in oil prices. It was during this challenging time that Melanie turned her attention to her food blog, initially driven by her passion for cooking and the desire to document the incredible cuisine of South Louisiana. As her blog grew, she realized her deep enjoyment of the blogging process, prompting her to transition into a more professional approach, particularly when the impact of Covid-19 struck.

Through The Cagle Diaries, Melanie shares not only her culinary expertise but also her love for the vibrant Cajun food culture. Her dedication to preserving the flavors and traditions of South Louisiana shines through her recipes and engaging storytelling, making her blog a valuable resource for anyone seeking a taste of authentic Cajun cuisine.