Wanna B. Gourmande

Kolika is a former classically-trained chef who spent around 12 years in the culinary industry before switching to becoming a Manual Therapist, Herbalist, and part-time influencer, while remaining a full-time lover of food. Throughout her career, Kolika has worn many hats, starting as a dishwasher, a line cook, a manager, and working her way up to Executive Chef and Pastry Chef positions. Her special interest in food lies in its wonderfully complex world and history, and she enjoys exploring the "hows" and "whys" of different cuisines.

Kolika is proud of her mixed-race heritage, which she describes as "ethnically ambiguous American," with Filipino-Jewish roots. Prior to her culinary career, she worked in the fashion and modeling industry, and she is passionate about uplifting and supporting underrepresented women. When she is not busy writing or posting on Instagram, she spends her free time with her pets, watching Netflix, and volunteering. She has a strong commitment to giving back to her community in the Kansas City area and supports charities that fight food insecurity.