Nature Moms Blog

Tiffany has a passionate advocate for natural living and environmental issues. She is a flower farmer and urban homesteader who resides in Central Ohio with her husband, three children, and several furry friends. Her blog is a collection of stimulating and political thoughts on environmental issues, health, and natural living, as well as personal accounts of parenting struggles and joys.

Besides these, Tiffany also reviews green and natural products that can help others lead healthy lives while leaving a lighter ecological footprint. She intends for her use of the terms "green," "natural," "environmental," and "ecological footprint" to serve as a guide to living healthily and naturally.

Tiffany's passion for environmental issues was ignited by two life-altering events. She was once a marketing and advertising executive working in a large metropolitan city, but childbirth and cancer prompted her to transition to a more natural lifestyle in Columbus, Ohio. The transition took years, but it felt like a fraction of a minute. Tiffany is not blogging about natural living to follow a profitable marketing niche; her life depended on adapting to the lifestyle. Today, Tiffany is grateful to be cancer-free, healthy, and CrossFitting every day, with a deadlift over 200 pounds.

Tiffany's primary goal is to encourage others to join her on an essential journey towards natural and green living as it relates to raising a family, understanding health challenges presented by the unnatural world, healing naturally, exposing toxins and highlighting favorable alternatives, addressing political issues that threaten our access to natural foods and natural health, and connecting kids with nature in an intimate and valuable way. Her hope is to pass on wisdom without the worries she had to endure and to help others pass on to their children vibrant health, societal awareness, and a deep and abiding love of our planet. Tiffany believes that every person can make a difference and be a voice for change.

As part of her mission to promote healthy and natural alternatives in the marketplace and support her family, Tiffany permits a limited amount of advertising on her website. The demographics and recent traffic patterns are available below, and those who have a product that satisfies Tiffany's ideals and appeals to her audience can visit her advertising page.