Middle Age Beauty

Emma is a middle-aged beauty blogger based in the UK who created this blog. She shares her experiences with different beauty products and offers insights and recommendations for other women of a similar age. She has always had good skin due to her careful choices about what she puts on her face and body and her avoidance of the sun. She recognized the difficulty in finding trustworthy reviews for beauty products for middle-aged women and saw a need for her blog.

Emma's look is constantly changing and she enjoys experimenting with hair extensions and hair color. She uses vegetable dye to achieve her desired color and her base is bleached to allow for a wide range of hues without causing excessive damage to her hair. In an effort to promote transparency on beauty blogs, Emma has added captions to her photos to indicate any enhancements, such as extensions or filters, that may have been used. She is realistic about her own aging and acknowledges that her skin is not perfectly smooth but celebrates her own beauty and hopes to inspire others to do the same.