Beyond the Chicken Coop

Kathy, a busy working mom with a passion for cooking from scratch, gardening, and country living, welcomes visitors to her blog, Beyond the Chicken Coop. With a background as a former elementary school principal and three grown children, Kathy and her husband reside on their own small farm in the countryside. Their farm is home to a variety of animals, including chickens, pigs, bunnies, cats, and dogs. Despite their hectic lives, they strive to be self-sufficient and create much of their food from scratch, continuously expanding their capabilities each year.

Kathy's expertise stems from years of experience in gardening, cooking, and working in various restaurants. She has also taken classes in gardening, food preservation, and beekeeping offered by the local extension office, becoming a certified Master Gardener and a certified Apprentice Beekeeper. Prior to her career in education as an elementary school principal, Kathy worked in hotels and the food service industry, having obtained a bachelor's degree in Business, Hotel, and Restaurant Management. Her early exposure to her father's organic garden and her mother's canning practices instilled in her a love for fresh produce and preserving food. Even as a teenager, she found joy in reading cookbooks, a passion that continues today with her extensive collection.

Kathy's blog offers a wealth of recipes, gardening tips, and anecdotes about country living. Her firsthand experience and dedication to self-sufficiency make her a valuable resource for those interested in homesteading and enjoying the pleasures of farm life. Visitors to Beyond the Chicken Coop are sure to find inspiration and useful insights from Kathy's wealth of knowledge and her genuine love for cooking, gardening, and preserving food.