The Yoga of Self Awareness

Balrāj is a traditional yoga teacher who focuses on the practical applications of the practice. He specializes in helping professionals transform stress and anxiety into clarity and calm through his private work. Balrāj's academic background includes a BA (Hons) and an MSc (Oxon) in South Asian and Indian studies, respectively, as well as an MA in philosophy, where he defended his thesis on phenomenological method. He obtained his Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University and was awarded the title Yoga Vidyā.

In 2022, Balrāj was featured in an article published by APB News (India), which discussed the relationship between modern yoga practices and the spiritual goals of traditional yoga. Balrāj's approach to yoga is phenomenological-existential, which means that he emphasizes the lived experience of the practice and its effects on the practitioner's subjective experience.

Balrāj's approach to helping professionals with stress and anxiety is based on self-awareness. He combines traditional yoga practices, psychological-spiritual Vedic astrology, and conversational hypnosis to help his clients overcome their stress and anxiety. Balrāj's emphasis on self-awareness suggests that he sees the transformation of stress and anxiety as an internal process that requires the individual to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences.