Riz is the voice, recipe developer, and photographer behind Chocolates & Chai, a food blog that celebrates comfort food, dessert, and brunch with a touch of international flair. Born in the Middle East and with a background of Indian-Bengali heritage, Riz's global experiences have shaped her culinary perspective. She started the blog in 2015 to share recipes with her friends and family, and now she shares her delicious creations with readers worldwide.

Riz's food philosophy revolves around delivering delicious recipes that are simple, easy to make, and visually appealing. She focuses on wholesome flavors and aims to create meals that leave a lasting impression. Her approach to the kitchen is straightforward, using accessible ingredients and equipment to make cooking a fuss-free experience. Riz believes in the natural beauty of food and strives for authenticity in her recipe representations.

On Chocolates & Chai, readers can expect a wide range of crazy, delicious recipes, with an emphasis on comfort food, dessert, and brunch. Riz puts considerable effort into testing and revising her recipes to ensure they work perfectly when cooked properly. She also provides helpful tips and tricks to assist her readers throughout their culinary journey.

For those seeking a break from food trends and a safe space to explore delightful recipes, Chocolates & Chai is the place to be. Riz's creativity in the kitchen shines through, accompanied by her witty and engaging writing style.