Manjula is the owner of this site. She has born in North India into a family that adhered to a vegetarian diet. Her mother, who was a skilled cook, was known for her meticulous attention to detail, particularly in her use of fresh ingredients. During her childhood and youth, Manjula assisted her mother in the kitchen, learning to cook using only a few select spices and herbs in order to enhance the natural flavors of vegetables, grains, and lentils.

According to Monika, those who are new to Indian vegetarian cooking, as well as experienced chefs, will benefit from a combination of video tutorials and written recipes in order to gain a better understanding of the basics of Indian cuisine. This will enable them to learn new techniques that make cooking more efficient and flavorful.

Manjula has produced over 200 Indian vegetarian recipes, which include numerous vegan and gluten-free options. Her recipes provide simple and straightforward instructions for cooking authentic Indian food.