This blog is a delightful food blog where Nicole shares her love for food, dogs, and glitter. Nicole is a self-proclaimed cookie monster who believes in finding balance by enjoying both sweet treats and healthy, budget-friendly meals. On The Yummy Muffin, readers will discover a variety of recipes, including those that align with the 21-day fix plan, healthier versions of restaurant favorites, and modern twists on traditional dishes.

As someone who cooks for herself, Nicole embraces the concept of leftovers and cleverly repurposes meals throughout the week. She believes in maximizing the value of ingredients without compromising on taste. Nicole's Sunday meal planning and preparation routine brings convenience to her weekdays while allowing her to savor homemade meals. Starting The Yummy Muffin was a natural step for Nicole, driven by her passion for cooking, reading recipes, and exploring food photography. She seeks to share her delicious creations with the world, inspired by her late father's southern cooking and her own culinary adventures.

The name "Yummy Muffin" originated during Nicole's high school days as part of a close-knit group of friends called the Crunk Clunk. Each member drew a random noun and adjective from separate hats, and fate led Nicole to select "Yummy Muffin." Since then, the name has stuck and become an integral part of her journey as a food blogger. With her love for writing and her furry companions, Nicole decided that starting a blog was the perfect outlet to share her culinary experiences and engage with a wider audience. Stay tuned for delicious recipes and captivating stories from The Yummy Muffin.