The Yogini from Manila

Jane is a certified yin yoga teacher and Filipina yogini based in Manila, Philippines. Initially, Jane started her blog as a way to document her own journey as a yogini. At that time, yoga was not as popular in the Philippines, with only a few people practicing it and limited yoga styles available. Today, yoga studios offering a wide range of styles can be found throughout Metro Manila.

Jane's first experience with yoga was with vinyasa, which she loved for many years. However, after taking a yin yoga class in 2011. Her personal insights often come from her yin yoga experience, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nutrition, and body energy.

Jane's blog has since expanded beyond her personal journey. For Jane, yoga is a journey of transformation that starts from the inside out. Her teacher, Victor, says that transformation can only happen when you are willing to break open your old self to make way for the new one to emerge. Through her writings, Jane hopes to inspire others on the path to a longer, healthier, and more meaningful life.