What Jessica Baked Next

Jessica is a professionally trained chef, food blogger, and baking enthusiast who is based in Essex in the East of England. She is the trained chef, food blogger, and travel lover behind this blog where she shares recipes perfect for every occasion. Since publishing her blog, it has received millions of views, with readers from all over the world baking her recipes.

In addition to her passion for food, Jess also has a love for travel and photography, often combining the two. She regularly writes travel blog posts about places she has visited. Jess's favorite cuisines include Greek, Lebanese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and British classics she grew up enjoying. She finds it hard to choose just one, but her last meal on earth would be either a pasta dish, a pizza, or a mix of vegetarian tapas, followed by a slice of cheesecake or tiramisu.

Jess is a vegetarian, but she previously followed a completely plant-based lifestyle for a couple of years. During that time, she shared many great vegan recipes with her readers. She has made Vegan Banana Bread, Vegan Brownies, and Vegan Cookies for her blog, and she is happy to share more vegan recipes in the future. Some of her plant-based recipes have been featured on PBN Food by Plant-Based News. Jess photographs all the bakes featured on her blog. She ensures that all the recipes have been tested to make sure they are fail-proof, ranging from easy and delicious pasta dishes to cakes and bakes perfect for every occasion.