Elena is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of talents and interests. As a mother, mentor, poet, artist, volunteer, bestselling author, and host of the Practice You Podcast, she has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1999. After completing her studies at Cornell University in 1992, Elena spent nearly a decade designing textiles and apparel, before turning her focus to yoga, meditation, art, and writing.

Elena is the author of several books, including Art of Attention, which has been translated into seven languages, and Practice You Journal, a bestseller. She released her third book, Being You Journal, in early 2021. Elena's yoga classes and meditations can be found on Glo, and her Essential Mentorship program is well-known for its ability to bring analog creativity to online coursework. Additionally, her Perceptive Parenting audio course is a valuable resource for parents. Elena's spoken word poetry is featured on Above & Beyond's Flow State albums.

Furthermore, Elena is also committed to humanitarian work, supporting initiatives that aim to uplift bright futures for girls, women, and children. She is involved with Girls on Fire Leaders, On The Inside, and Free Food Kitchen. In 2023, Elena is releasing a collection of poetry called Softening Time. She is furthering her education in Buddhist Chaplaincy training, which will commence in 2024. Elena's passion for yoga, meditation, art, writing, and humanitarian work has made her an inspiration to many, and her contributions continue to impact the world positively.