Elizabeth, an experienced author and recipe developer, has created this website dedicated to providing healthy, fresh, and flavorful food. She believes that food should be a source of joy and connection with others. She has been sharing her tried and true recipes on the internet for over a decade and firmly believes that healthy eating does not require strict diets or the elimination of food groups.

Growing up with a mother who cooked from scratch every day, Elizabeth learned to appreciate the taste and health benefits of real, whole ingredients. She had an epiphany in college when she realized that using fresh ingredients instead of processed ones made her feel better and allowed her to eat a wider range of foods. Elizabeth believes that everyone deserves to eat delicious food they love, and that cooking at home should not be a difficult or expensive task. Her website features a collection of her favorite classics as well as healing recipes she discovered as a health coach.

In addition, Elizabeth's food philosophies are centered on intuitive eating and the belief that fear of certain foods is often perpetuated by marketing tactics. She encourages people to make most of their food at home using real ingredients to support their overall health and well-being. She also emphasizes the importance of listening to one's body and eating what makes them feel good, rather than following restrictive diets or striving for perfection. Elizabeth's approach to food is rooted in the idea that cooking and eating should be enjoyable experiences that bring people together.