Claudia is a doctor currently residing in Melbourne, originally from Auckland. Her passion for food began early on in life. During her first year of university, Claudia created this blog where she could document her favorite recipes and share them with others. This blog also served as a creative outlet for her studies in anatomy and physiology. Now, intermittently works as a food photographer and recipe developer while pursuing her medical career. Her blog features a range of tried and true recipes, from indulgent weekend projects to more wholesome weeknight dinners. She also shares travel and food guides to cities she has visited in recent years.

Claudia's love for food continues to grow, with a collection of recipe books taking up space on her kitchen counter. She has a particular interest in sourdough, croissants, kimchi, and chili oil. She enjoys sharing her creations with those around her, from cookies at work to hosting Sunday night dinner parties. Claudia's passion for food is evident in all aspects of her life, and she invites others to join her on her culinary journey through The Brick Kitchen.