This is a blog dedicated to the world of delicious and flavorful food. Annick, the culinary enthusiast behind the blog, shares an array of vegan recipes and cooking tips that cater not only to vegans but also to those interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into their diet or preparing meals for their vegan friends. The focus is on providing readers with straightforward recipes without the need for lengthy introductions or endless scrolling, ensuring that they can quickly access the culinary inspiration what are they seek.

The name "Not Hangry Anymore" reflects Annick's personal experience of becoming a bit unpleasant or annoying when feeling hungry, a relatable trait for many. Growing up in Zurich, Switzerland, Annick was fortunate to be surrounded by homemade, delicious food prepared by her mother and grandmother, who emphasized the importance of nourishing oneself with quality ingredients and homecooked meals. Inspired by their teachings, Annick has developed a passion for creating food from scratch, and together with her husband Jeremy, she now enjoys the rewarding and fun experience of growing their own vegetables on their Melbourne apartment's balcony.

Annick embarked on her blogging journey in 2016 when she moved to Australia and found herself with time to spare due to work restrictions. To stay entertained, she took on the challenge of teaching herself how to cook, which eventually led to her working in a professional kitchen. While currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, Annick continues to share her content and recipes with the online community, dedicated to providing culinary inspiration to her audience in her spare time.