Shannon, a Certified Hormone Specialist and plant-based blogger resides in Chicago and is passionate about promoting plant-based nutrition. Having studied Health and Fitness at Purdue University, she is dedicated to creating colorful, nourishing, and hormone-friendly recipes in her kitchen. Her expertise lies in helping women heal their bodies and balance their hormones naturally through a plant-based diet and lifestyle. Shannon is committed to guiding her readers toward glowing health from the inside out, allowing them to feel their absolute best.

Through her blog, Shannon shares her love for all things plant-based, including recipe creation, food photography, and other creative pursuits. Her passion for plant-based eating was sparked by a life-changing experience, which inspired her to promote the benefits of this lifestyle. Beyond health, Shannon believes that plant foods also promote natural beauty, offering a healthy glow and sustained energy. She is also an animal lover, caring for all creatures, including dogs, cats, cows, and pigs. With her expertise, Shannon aims to inspire and empower others to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, achieving optimal health and well-being.