Kimberly is a professional content creator, wife, and mother of two teenage sons residing in New York City. She prioritizes her family life above all else, while also excelling in her career as a content creator.

Through Kimberly’s platform, she shares a variety of content, with a primary focus on easy-to-follow recipes and 50ish mom lifestyle content. Her blog also includes family-friendly activities, parenting tips, working-from-home advice, and some personal "just for mom" discoveries. As a work-from-home mom herself, Kimberly understands the unique challenges of balancing work and family life, and her platform aims to help other mothers navigate this delicate balance.

Kimberly's expertise and relatable content make this blog a go-to destination for moms looking for inspiration and support. Her commitment to her family and career serves as a reminder that it is possible to thrive in both aspects of life.