The Vegan 8

Brandi, the creator of a vegan blog and author of The Vegan 8 Cookbook, specializes in creating recipes that feature eight ingredients or less, not including salt, pepper, or water. Her culinary focus is on developing health-conscious meals that utilize whole foods to improve fitness and muscle-building, with occasional comfort food dishes added to the mix. As an oil-free cooking and baking expert, Brandi strives to maintain consistency in her recipes by using the same flours whenever possible, rather than changing them for each recipe.

Considering the prevalence of various allergies, Brandi often shares multiple versions of her recipes to accommodate different dietary needs. For instance, some recipes incorporate almond flour, while others are nut-free. Additionally, some people are unable to consume oats, so Brandi makes a point of developing oat-free recipes. Ultimately, her goal is to create recipes that are accessible to everyone, catering to a broad range of dietary requirements and preferences.