Rachel Scott Yoga

Rachel is a renowned expert in yoga education, having spent over two decades in the field. Having discovered her love for yoga over twenty years ago, Rachel was captivated by the practice, which helped her move beyond her thoughts and into her body, allowing her to explore new levels of physical and emotional challenge, as well as a deeper sense of connection.

Back in 2003, Rachel has been wholly committed to the world of yoga education, dedicating herself to managing studios and teachers, creating and leading teacher training programs, hiring and coaching faculty, developing new programs and workshops, supporting the growth of multi-location yoga companies, such as Yoga Works and YYoga, and earning a Masters in Instructional Systems and Learning Technology.

In addition, Rachel's mission is to share her extensive knowledge about yoga, education, and business with others, particularly with yoga instructors and studios. Her ultimate aim is to empower them to enhance their services, share their passion, and bring yoga to a larger audience. Rachel has a deep-rooted passion for education, yoga, and business, and she is committed to imparting her knowledge and skills to help other professionals grow and develop.

Furthermore, her overarching goal is to facilitate the evolution of the yoga industry, creating a community of skilled and dedicated professionals who can effectively promote the benefits of yoga and increase accessibility to this transformative practice.