The Modern Mr. and Mrs.

Savvy is the eldest child in her family and a product of an entrepreneurial upbringing. At just 15 years old, her curiosity for understanding human behavior and fostering healthy relationships ignited. Initially pursuing writing at SCAD, Savvy later transferred to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Forensic Psychology.

During her time at John Jay, Savvy had the privilege of learning from exceptional professors, actively participating in the Peer Counseling program, interning as a Victim Advocate at the Center for Family Justice, and delving into research in her areas of interest. It was during this period that she encountered Jak, who would later become her husband. Little did Savvy know, Jak was concealing a porn addiction. Drawing from her psychology background, Savvy utilized her knowledge and skills to transform their relationship.

Through a journey filled with ups and downs, Savvy and Jak discovered over 100 opportunities for relationship growth and recovery. Armed with these invaluable insights, they were able to guide their own relationship to thrive even in the face of adversity. Now, Savvy aims to share her wisdom and experiences to help others rejuvenate their relationships and navigate the aftermath of challenging times.