For the Love of Cooking

Pam is a proud native of a small town nestled just south of Sun Valley, Idaho, where her love for the outdoors was ignited. Growing up, she spent her days camping, skiing, and reveling in the beauty of the mountains. In her late twenties, Pam relocated to Oregon and serendipitously crossed paths with the love of her life. For over two decades, they have cherished their marriage and relished the joy of raising their two children in the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Driven by a desire to preserve her treasured recipes for future generations, Pam embarked on a journey to create a recipe blog. What started as a personal record evolved over time, gradually becoming a public platform. Now, after a decade of sharing her culinary creations, Pam finds fulfillment in exploring cookbooks and experimenting with new recipes. Her deep passion lies in using fresh ingredients, with a preference for organic options whenever possible. Pam's aspiration is for a food lover to discover recipes within her collection that will become beloved favorites for their own family.