Little Nomads Recipes

Marie is a French-Canadian mother with a deep passion for food and cooking. After honing her culinary skills at Hofmann's culinary school in Barcelona, she embarked on a culinary journey that led her to start a food catering primarily to adults.

Determined to support other parents dealing with selective eaters, Marie began collecting ideas from friends, conducting experiments (sometimes with mixed results), and using her own children as willing taste testers. This endeavor led her to curate an impressive collection of exciting and easy recipes, now available on the Little Nomads website.

Marie invites her readers to try out the recipes and provide feedback. Each recipe is thoughtfully crafted, providing both Imperial and Metric measurements, as well as alternatives and specifications for special diets and allergies. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that bellies are not only full but also happy and, above all, healthy. By sharing her culinary creations and experiences, Marie aims to make the lives of busy parents easier and more enjoyable in the realm of family-friendly cooking.