This is a food blog managed by Sara who creates healthy and delicious food using a Mediterranean style of cooking, mainly focusing on produce, whole grains, healthy fats, natural sugar alternatives, and the like. She likes to cook for both pleasure and to feel good, often gathering people around the table to connect and share a meal. For Sara, food connects people and caring for ourselves and others through nourishment is an important piece of the wellness puzzle.

In this blog, readers will find recipes that utilize seasonal ingredients to create snacks and meals that work well for Sara's family. She considers salad to be her favorite food, but ice cream and fudgy brownies are a close second. She encourages readers to interpret and add their own touch to her recipes, altering them based on their own tastes. The blog is a collaborative effort between Sara and her partner, Hugh, who is a self-taught photographer and the image-making mastermind behind the photos on the blog. It is their shared adventure together, where he takes photos and she learns more about cooking while enjoying food in good company.