Kate is a mother of two kids and a maker of things for kids and adults. She and her family live in Cornwall, England and relocated from Southend in 2016. She enjoys singing, dancing, and sitting on the beach. Her kids like getting messy and playing with sticks. She's made a Captain America Paper Plate Shield that her kids still play with. She's a creator of a Frozen Flowers tutorial video. She has a favorite post about activities for 2-year-olds. She has a post about 40 foods her youngest child could eat before getting teeth. Her blog "Crafts on Sea" was a finalist in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards in 2015 for best craft blog and has been featured in several magazines and newspapers. She attended a meeting at Downing Street with Mumsnet and Railway Children to discuss issues faced by young people running away from home.

Kate is a mother of two children, who creates things for both kids and adults. She enjoys singing, dancing, and eating ice creams at the beach. Her children love to get messy and play, with her son considering being either Harry Potter or a Sith Lord and her daughter being a six-year-old Queen. They live in Cornwall, England after relocating from Southend in 2016.