Heather hails from Sacramento, California, in the United States. The blog is dedicated to providing arts and crafts tutorials and is focused on showcasing unique projects and techniques. Artsy Karma's tutorials are geared toward adults and make use of a variety of supplies and mediums. A love for color is evident in the projects and tutorials, which are presented using step-by-step photos for ease of understanding.

The blogger has noted that creativity has improved their life, as they possess the creative gene and have been diagnosed with ADHD. In their 20s, working in retail and in their 30s, raising children, the act of creating art served as a source of solace and purpose. In addition to the personal satisfaction derived from art-making, the blogger also expresses excitement at the prospect of generating income from their creations.

Recently, life events led Artsy Karma to explore Buddhism, which brought a newfound sense of clarity and understanding to their life. The blogger found a temple that resonated with them, which was 2 hours away from their home, but the destruction of their home and town in California's Camp Fire provided the opportunity to move to Sacramento and be closer to the temple. As a way to give back, Artsy Karma creates and sells crafts and art pieces at the temple, with half the proceeds being donated back to the temple. This imbues the blogger's artistic pursuits with a spiritual purpose and further underscores their passion for creativity.