Running to the Kitchen

Gina is the creator of the food blog Running to the Kitchen, where she shares delicious recipes and her passion for food and fitness. She resides in the suburbs of New York City with her husband Ulysses and has been running the blog since May 2011.

Gina has always had a love for food, being the kind of kid who never turned down anything edible. However, after her active soccer days ended in college, her metabolism slowed down, and her eating and exercise habits became inconsistent. By the summer of 2009, she found herself feeling uncomfortable in her own skin and decided to make a change.

This marked a turning point in Gina's relationship with food. She began restocking her pantry with healthier alternatives and adopting an intuitive approach to eating wholesome, real, local, and seasonal foods. She also embraced running as a form of exercise and gradually shed the extra weight she had gained.

Running became a significant part of Gina's life, helping her re-identify herself as an athlete and igniting her competitive spirit. Today, while strength-training has taken the place of running as her exercise of choice, the positive cycle of nourishing her body with real foods and engaging in physical activity continues.

Running to the Kitchen is not only Gina's full-time job but also a platform for her to share her happiness and love for food. Her food philosophy revolves around using fresh, simple, seasonal, and local ingredients in her recipes. The blog features a variety of dishes, ranging from family recipes to paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.