Ella, the creative force behind Alpine Ella, is a multi-talented individual who takes on the roles of food photographer, baker, recipe developer, dish washer, and taste tester. Her love for baking began in her childhood, and she finds immense joy in creating homemade desserts. According to Ella, every day should be celebrated with a generous slice of cake.

With a collection of baking and cookbooks that seems endless and a kitchen brimming with baking equipment, Ella's blog is dedicated to providing fun and uncomplicated recipes that can be easily made at home. Her goal is to empower her readers to recreate their favorite desserts, offering step-by-step pictures and detailed instructions to guide them along the way.

Having started her blog during the covid-19 pandemic lock down, Ella used the time to delve into photography and website building, enhancing her skills and knowledge. True to her sweet tooth, she believes in enjoying dessert every day, whether it's a slice of cake or a square of chocolate. Ella has been creating her own recipes since her early days with an easy bake oven, although she admits they may not have been the best back then. Beyond her culinary pursuits, Ella also has a passion for sewing, knitting, and crocheting, adding to her creative repertoire.