Simply Southern Mom

Pam and Brittany extend a warm welcome to their readers, sharing their passion for homestyle cooking, travel, and lifestyle topics.

Pam, a blogger hailing from small-town Georgia, resides between Chattanooga and Atlanta with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, and son. Together, they care for a menagerie of rescued animals on their small farm, which includes sheep, a donkey, and four cats. She is an avid traveler, frequently taking her children to educational sites while on vacation, and loves to cook and bake easy, homestyle recipes using common ingredients and sometimes packaged mixes. She is constantly working on developing new recipes, often adapting them to accommodate her celiac daughter's dietary needs.

Brittany, Pam's daughter, is a twenty-something living near Chattanooga, TN, with her husband, daughter, and a variety of pets. Despite dealing with several medical conditions, she enjoys traveling and trying local dishes, especially gluten-free options. Brittany works as an IT specialist at a local health food store and studies computer science.

Wattenbarger does believe in unapologetically easy cooking, sharing step-by-step recipes with a twist for novice and seasoned cooks alike. They focus on Southern, homestyle, and comfort foods, often including gluten-free or allergy-friendly adaptations. Additionally, they share their travel experiences, and tips on parenting, and feature crafts, gardening tips, and products they love.