The Stay At Home Chef

Rachel is an avid food lover who discovered her passion for cooking at age 11, when she mistakenly added a half cup of baking soda to a batch of cookies. This culinary mishap sparked her interest in cooking, and she has since acquired several years of both formal and informal culinary training. Through the power of the internet, Rachel has been able to fulfill her dream of cooking professionally from the comfort of her own home kitchen. Her recipes are used in restaurants and bakeries around the world, and she has worked with some of the largest food and kitchenware brands in the industry. Rachel shares her recipes and recipe video tutorials for free on The Stay At Home Chef, with the goal of helping others feel like the chef of their own kitchen.

Along with sharing recipes on her blog, Rachel is also a published cookbook author. She believes that everyone can make restaurant-quality meals at home and wants to help others feed their families delicious foods with confidence. Rachel's passion for food and cooking shines through in her recipes and tutorials, and she is grateful for the opportunity to share her love of food with a worldwide audience.