Kathy is the founder of this blog which started as a blog in 2012 to share her journey of losing 123 lbs. in just over a year. Kathy felt a strong urge to answer women's questions on her health and fitness journey, including diet, exercise, and dealing with stretch marks and loose skin. The blog helped her provide a valuable resource for women struggling with their health and fitness, while also keeping her accountable. During this time, Kathy came to realize that a health and fitness journey involved more than just counting calories, as emotions also played a significant role. She suffered from depression, PTSD, anxiety, and suicidal ideations, and the blog allowed her to share her mental health struggles with women.

Kathy's weight loss journey not only transformed her physical health but also improved her mental health problems. As a result, she desired something more from her blog and started to show women how they can live the good life. Idyllic Pursuit evolved into a lifestyle blog that focuses on life, money, travel, home, and food. She hopes that her posts will inspire and challenge women, making their lives better. Kathy encourages her readers to explore her website and get to know her better by reading her depression story, fitness transformation, and challenges in raising a son with Sensory Processing Disorder and autism.

In addition, her objective is to show women that the secret to telling a great story is by living one. The website strives to help women realize that it is possible to live a life that is far bigger than their wildest dreams. The site features practical tips on luxury, family, and budget travel to help women create memories through adventure travel. The blog showcases travel guides and trip reports to fuel readers' wanderlust.