Pastry Wishes is the place where Voula, a self-taught baker, recipe developer, and aspiring food photographer, shares her love for baking and creating delicious desserts. Voula believes that making desserts from scratch should be approachable and enjoyable for everyone. With the right instructions and guidance, anyone can learn to bake delectable treats.

Growing up in a Greek family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Voula's life revolved around food and the stories shared around the table. Inspired by her heritage, she incorporates both classic American/International desserts and traditional Greek recipes into her baking. Voula's collection of cookbooks and her own experimentation in the kitchen led her to develop her own baking style and techniques.

On Pastry Wishes, Voula offers seasonal and easy-to-make recipes for home bakers of all levels. As an Orthodox Christian, she also shares vegan recipes, particularly during periods of fasting. All the recipes on the blog have been tried, tested, and approved by her family and friends.

Voula kindly requests that her recipes and articles be properly credited and linked back to Pastry Wishes if used by fellow bloggers. The blog's photos are copyrighted and should not be copied or used without permission.

Voula's main goal is to inspire home bakers to have fun in the kitchen and bake with confidence. She encourages readers to engage with her blog posts through comments or emails, as she loves to connect with her audience and answer any questions they may have.