Running on Real Food

Deryn is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in addition to completing several courses on nutrition, personal training, sports nutrition, and wellness. She resides in Vancouver, BC, and handles all the writing, recipe development, and photography for her blog, Running on Real Food.

Deryn started Running on Real Food in 2013 to share her experiences in healthy eating and fitness and to inspire a healthy lifestyle in others. Her blog has since grown significantly and is now her full-time job, where she shares plant-based recipes and knowledge with her readers. Running on Real Food emphasizes the use of whole foods to fuel a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle and aims to be a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to maintain a plant-based diet.

Deryn values the practicality of healthy eating and ensures her recipes use everyday, easy-to-find ingredients. While she follows a heavily plant-based diet, she also believes in enjoying life to the fullest, including indulging in treats such as chocolate and cookies.