My hills and valleys

Melissa, the owner of My Hills and Valleys blog, shares her personal stories with her readers as a way to relate and grow together in spiritual growth. Her blog is a place where women can find encouragement in their faith, and family, and travels through the practical application of God’s Word. Melissa's goal is to build a community of women who seek to encourage and build one another up through life's ups and downs. She believes that a life led by the Holy Spirit is when our lives intersect with purpose and God's will, and that faith must produce action in our lives.

Melissa started the blog as an outlet and a hobby, but it has turned into a ministry that strives to bring glory to God. She is honest about her struggles and her daily fight against the enemy's attack on her life in spirit and in truth. Melissa acknowledges that others may be fighting the same battles, and she hopes that her blog can offer daily encouragement to those who need it. She emphasizes the power of the Word of God, which is alive and has the ability to reveal God's plan for each individual.

Melissa's blog is not just for those who are already redeemed, but also for those who are seeking redemption. She believes that there is no life that God, who is rich in mercy, cannot redeem. She invites all readers to join her on the journey of navigating life and creating a "happily ever after" of peace and contentment through a lens of intention and purpose.